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If you want to get dental implants, but don’t have enough healthy bone in your upper jaw to hold them in place, your dentist might recommend a sinus lift. A sinus lift is a surgical procedure designed to increase your bone height and quality. The team at SEDA Dental with locations in Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Pinecrest, and North Miami Beach, Florida, regularly performs sinus lifts using cutting-edge surgical methods. To request your sinus lift consultation today, call the office nearest you or click the online booking tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sinus lift is a type of oral surgery designed to increase bone structure in your upper jaw, particularly in the area that supports your molars and premolars.

During this type of operation, your SEDA Dental provider surgically implants a healthy bone from another part of your body, or a synthetic bone material, between your jaw and maxillary sinuses on either side of your nose. To make room for the new bone, your dentist moves or “lifts” your sinus membrane.
The team at SEDA Dental does sinus lifts for several reasons. For example, your dentist might recommend a sinus lift if you don’t have enough healthy bone in your upper jaw to support a series of dental implants. You might also benefit from a sinus lift if your maxillary sinuses are too close to your jaw to place dental implants. 

Whenever you lose one or more permanent teeth, it affects your oral health as a whole. Without prompt treatment, missing teeth cause gum recession and bone decay. Combined, these issues may increase your need for a sinus lift or other type of oral surgery.
Prior to undergoing a sinus lift, your SEDA Dental provider takes a series of X-rays. Your dentist uses these images to study the anatomy of your jaws and sinus. Your dentist might also take a computed tomography (CT) scan. This allows your dentist to accurately measure the height and width of your existing jawbone. It can also provide insights into the health of your sinuses.
Before performing your sinus lift, your SEDA Dental provider administers a local anesthetic to numb your tooth roots and gums. Once the anesthesia sets in, your surgeon cuts the gum tissue where the molars and premolars at the top of your mouth used to sit. After exposing your jaw, your dentist makes a small, oval hole in your bone. Next, your dentist carefully pushes your sinus membrane up and away from your bone.

After pushing your sinus membrane out of the way, your surgeon packs granules of bone-graft material into the space where your sinus membrane was. Once your surgeon places the bone, they stitch up your gum tissue. You return home for a period of 4-9 months while your gums heal. Once your gums heal, you return to SEDA Dental and the team places your dental implants.

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