SEDA Dental Extreme Smile Makeover


Every year Seda Dental runs a half hour TV show all over the South Florida airwaves and the internet. In the past, Seda Dental cast the show from patients wanting to be in the program. This Year However, Seda Dental wants to open up the casting to all of South Florida. We are looking for REAL people that want or need the opportunity to change their smile. If you are older than 21, and you can drive yourself to scheduled appointments throughout the year at one of Seda Dentals convenient South Florida locations, then you can audition. Your Video entry will be shared and voted on through the use of social media and on our website. The top 30 vote-getters will be interviewed and possibly brought into the offices for a final casting. If chosen for the TV Show, you will begin to receive all of the FREE dental care it takes to get you the happy healthy smile you deserve. Camera crews will follow you throughout the entire process and you will be the main story for our new half hour show in 2015. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, and if it’s not for you, tell someone that can use the SEDA Dental Extreme Smile Makeover.

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