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One Day SEDA Smile


Are You A Candidate For Teeth In a Day?

You may have heard of “Teeth in a day” or “All ON Fours”. What are they talking about? Right? Well here at SEDA Dental we call it the “One Day SEDA Smile” With the latest dental implant technology, we can replace your missing or loose teeth with fixed, non-removable teeth all in the same day as you receive your implants.

SEDA Dental is offering Free Consultations and Exams at all of our convenient South Florida locations to see if you’re a candidate for the “ One-Day SEDA Smile” and Dental Implants

Frustrated with loose & missing teeth? But you can’t stand the idea of having dentures? Or perhaps you already have ill-fitting dentures and want to have fixed teeth that look and feel like your own again, then the “One-Day SEDA Smile” may be right for you!

Benefits of the “One Day SEDA Smile”

  • Implants Feel and Function like Natural Teeth
  • No Need For Clumsy Dentures
  • You Receive Your Teeth The Same Day We Place Your Implants
  • Food Tastes Better And Overall Appetite Is Improved
  • The Peace Of Mind That Implants Are A Permanent Solution
  • Prevents Additional Bone Loss

Steps to receiving your Dental Implants and your “One DAY SEDA Smile”

Your Free Consultation

At you free consultation, Our Doctors will start with taking some X-rays and assess your personal situation. They will then devise a custom treatment plan just for you. Our staff will explain the procedure and schedule in full detail while also letting you know the exact cost to you. This is also the time to discuss any custom payment plans or financing.

Exam Before your Procedure

Once you have decided to go further and receive dental implants, you will have your first appointment where one of our prosthodontists will give you another detailed exam, take impressions of your mouth and make sure every aspect of your treatment plan is well thought out and we cross our t’s and dot the i’s. Now you will be ready to schedule your “One Day SEDA Smile” procedure.

One Day SEDA Smile Day

Happy Days Are Here Again….this is the day you will get your smile. Depending on your situation we will be able to remove any teeth that need to come out, put in your dental implants and you’ll receive a temporary set of teeth that look and feel like your natural teeth.

Your Permanent Teeth Have Arrived

Now that your mouth has had proper time to heal and your implants have had time to create a strong bond with your jawbone, you’ll come in and we will switch out the temporary teeth for your new pemanent set of teeth. You thought you were smiling before? Your new smile is ready for the rest of your life.


At SEDA Dental we strive to provide the finest dentistry services available to each of our patients at a cost they can afford, and offer a number of payment and financing options to our valued patients so that premier dental care is within everyone’s reach.

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