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IV Sedation Miami, FL



At SEDA Dental, we are pleased to provide intravenous (IV) sedation to help our South Florida patients enjoy a more favorable dental experience. IV sedation may be used on individuals that experience stress or fear about visiting the dentist. This therapy at SEDA Dental uses anti-anxiety medication that is administered straight into your vein. The medicine can help you to stay relaxed and calm throughout your dental procedures. Though you are not really asleep throughout the procedure, the comfort and short-term memory loss may make you feel like you have been asleep. Our experienced dental team may also adjust the amount of medication based upon what you need and to ensure your safety. To find out more about IV sedation, please contact one of our South Florida offices at your earliest convenience.


The best candidates for intravenous sedation are those dealing with stress about undergoing an extensive dental therapy. This sedation dentistry procedure makes it possible to receive the dental care that you want without distress or anxiety. Before undergoing therapy, we will talk with you regarding the many sedation options our clinic provides.


To receive intravenous sedation, a needle will be placed inside a vein and the medication will be administered. You will start to notice the effects in a few seconds. We will then carry out the procedure while tracking the IV levels simultaneously. After the procedure is complete, the IV will be taken out, and you will feel alert in a couple of minutes.


It is advised that you do not operate a vehicle for a period of 24 hours after IV sedation. You should arrange for a friend to pick you up from our office and drive you home. You might feel exhausted for the remainder of the afternoon so we recommend that you drink plenty of water to remain hydrated and relax if at all possible. Sometimes, you could become nauseous or experience temporary memory loss. These symptoms will typically fade away within 24 hours. If you notice any abnormalities or if your symptoms persist, then you need to call our facility right away.


Intravenous sedation might or might not be covered in part by the dental insurance. Before approving the sedation, our billing staff will get in touch with your insurance provider to ascertain any extra out-of-pocket expenses. SEDA Dental also offers financial planning and payment alternatives to make therapy less expensive for many of our patients.


Going to the dentist should be a pleasant or at least a bearable situation. By using IV sedation, you can experience less stress while visiting the dentist. SEDA Dental is proud to offer you this option to our South Florida patients to provide relaxed and comfortable care. If you are considering IV sedation, then contact one of our South Florida offices.

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