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When it comes to your health, you should try to avoid dental issues by getting them diagnosed before they develop into larger conditions. These problems can be identified during an annual dental exam for yourself and your whole family. While the mouth is superficially examined in your bi-annual cleaning, an exam consists of a more thorough analysis. Dental examinations at SEDA Dental assess your general and oral health by looking for tooth decay, signs of oral cancer, and other diseases. Our dental team will determine your need for procedures and look for problems with your bite and jaw. Digital images will also be used for a better view of the hidden problems in your teeth, gums, and jawbone. If you live near South Florida, schedule an appointment for an annual dental examination for yourself and your family at SEDA Dental.


Oral cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in the mouth, including the gums, jawbone, lips, tongue, throat, and salivary glands. Each dental exam at SEDA Dental will include a screening for oral cancer to check for any symptoms, including inflammation, sores, lesions, and lumps. We will also feel your throat and jaw for abnormal growths. Should any areas of concern be discovered, a biopsy can be performed or you may need care from a specialist.


South Florida residents of every age should get an annual dental exam. Some of the most common problems, such as periodontal disease (the top reason for tooth loss), do not have signs you can see. If problems are noticed early, the better your chances will be for a successful treatment with less invasive options.

The ADA (American Dental Association) suggests that all children visit a dentist before they turn one. We can talk about common issues, including teething, baby bottle tooth decay, and the use of pacifiers. Our team at SEDA Dental can help you understand ways to clean and care for your baby's oral health so they develop good habits early in life. Dental examinations are also important for older children as their teeth, gums, and jaw develop.


Your appointment will begin with a cursory evaluation of your teeth, gums, tongue, roof of your mouth, inside your cheeks, throat, and other checkpoints. This includes checking for symptoms of oral cancer throughout your mouth. A member of our team may take x-rays and check for abnormal gum tissue. We will evaluate your neck, head, and jaw, including the bite and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). We will then discuss anything discovered and your treatment options. Additionally, we will go over any other problems you may have, medications you are taking, and if they might affect your dental health by causing tooth decay or dry mouth. Lastly, we will check any restorations you have, such as dentures or bridges, to assess the wear and fit.


The follow-up period will be based on the results of your exam. If no issues are identified, then you can follow a regimen of dental health with flossing and brushing every day, plus yearly dental examinations and twice-yearly professional cleanings at SEDA Dental. If an issue that needs to be addressed is identified during the exam, procedures can be reviewed and planned.


Since a dental exam is so important to your oral health, it is typically covered by insurance. We can work with your dental insurance company to determine your coverage and any personal expenses. If you do not have insurance, SEDA Dental takes several payments, including medical financing. We are happy to work with you to help you afford good dental health.


Having a healthy mouth means you cannot go to the dentist only when something is wrong. Preventive care is vital and may save your teeth, as well as save you a lot of money. We suggest scheduling an appointment at SEDA Dental every year for a dental exam. This can help you to minimize issues by catching and treating them in the early stages. We do our best to make dental exams a pleasant experience for you and your family so staying healthy is easier. Contact our team in South Florida to schedule your appointment.

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