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Whiter Teeth for the Holidays

Whiter Teeth for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Your schedule is likely starting to get swamped with holiday parties for work, with the family, or your closest of friends. Maybe you’ve picked out your tacky Christmas sweater for the contest, but you still want to look your best. It almost always boils down to our most dominant facial feature: our smile.

Don’t Make This Common Mistake

One of the quickest ways to improve your smile’s appearance is to brighten your teeth. Unfortunately, over the counter teeth bleaching kits use weak solutions that don’t make full contact with your tooth surfaces during the process. You wind up buying two or three kits to finally make a dent in the shade difference. Is it worth it?


Here’s a Faster, Better Solution

Deciding to use a professional product to whiten your teeth can give you far better results in much less time. Plus, it’s easier to keep your teeth white afterward. Here are the most common options that you have to pick from:

Same Day Whitening: Get drastically whiter teeth in a single trip to the dentist. In-house laser whitening removes years’ worth of stain in about an hour, while you sit back and relax. It’s the perfect choice if you have a last minute Christmas or New Year’s Eve party to attend.

Take Home Custom Trays: These fitted trays look like invisible braces or a clear retainer. When you fill them with a small amount of prescription strength gel, it allows all of the visible surfaces of your smile to whiten far more quickly than one-size-fits-some weak gel from the supermarket. Most people sleep in their trays, but really all you need to do is wear them for about an hour a day, for 10-14 days for full results. Call SEDA Dental today to fight out which option is right for you!

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