Which Came First: The Fame or the Smile?

Take a look at almost any celebrity and you'll notice one thing in common: they've all got some killing smiles. Why is it that famous people have such beautiful teeth? Was it their smiles that helped them rise to fame in the first place? Perhaps, in some cases. But more likely, they've chosen to invest lots of money into maintaining a gorgeous appearance. Whether publicly confirmed or just suggested by the camera's eye, here are some very common cosmetic dental procedures tried out by some big names in Hollywood.

Dental Veneers Veneers are a fast way to achieve dramatic change, perfect for the ever-changing look of actors.

Teeth Whitening Whitening teeth hides a multitude of other dental problems! Many public figures find that brightening their teeth makes the biggest difference in their smiles.

Teeth Straightening Some celebrities choose to hold onto a characteristic gap in their smile or some quirky crooked teeth. But with time, it's common to want the more sophisticated look of straight teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns A crown is a solid restoration that completely covers a tooth to protect and support a weak structure. Some people opt for crowns in order to change the look of their smile.


Who's Rocking The Dental Work? You'll recognize more than a few names on this list of famous people who've had dramatic cosmetic dental work:

In reality, a beautiful smile is not just for the celebrities – it's right within your reach, as well. Plan a visit to a SEDA Dental near you for a smile consultation to find out which cosmetic treatment is right for you.

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