What are DIY Braces and Are They Safe?

If you’ve been on YouTube anytime lately, you’ve probably spotted videos on the subject of DIY braces. Yes…being your own orthodontist, right in your home.

Unfortunately, a lot of these DIY channels encourage some pretty risky ideas. For example, some “DIY experts” say to use small rubber bands on your front teeth to pull them together. Others even bend paperclips or wires around the teeth, to make homemade retainers.

The problem with advice like this, is that it can cause bigger issues than what you see in the mirror. Wrapping tiny rubber bands around the front teeth to close a gap could lead problems. For example, the band slipping under the gums and causing an infection. Moreover, it can even be killing your tooth! Odd tooth movement above the gum lines can even shift the roots below the gums. If the roots shift into certain positions, it can affect the health of surrounding teeth. As well as teeth that haven't erupted yet.

What About DIY Braces?

 So what about the types of DIY braces where you take an impression and mail it off to the orthodontic company? While these might be safer, they don’t offer you the eyes-on approach. Nor the professional level of treatment that you would get with a orthodontist. Imagine taking your own impression and hoping that it’s good enough. But when they even get messed up in a dental office from time to time! Here, we can retake them. But if you’re doing it yourself, there’s a chance it won’t be exactly right.
Instead of risking the health of your teeth, it’s better to see an experienced orthodontist. Which we have here at SEDA Dental. We can help you fix your smile more efficiently, without the side-effects of DIY mistakes. You’ll see better results without having to correct problems that weren’t supposed to happen in the first place.
Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.
We can tell your kind of prospective orthodontic treatment would look like. We may even suggest ClearCorrect Clear Braces to get you that beautiful smile. We even offer a payment plan to help you pay for any procedure.

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