Tooth Extractions…Are They Always the Best Course of Action?

There is a common misconception that if a tooth is damaged or has decay it should just be pulled. If teeth become unhealthy, having them removed may not necessarily always be the best option. Adults should actually hold onto their teeth for as long as they can. Tooth extraction may be necessary in some cases but should always be considered a last option in order to keep your natural teeth as long as possible. Consulting with a skilled and certified dentist should be your first step to make certain a tooth extraction is the right course of action for the dental issue at hand.


If are you dealing with excruciating tooth pain or can’t sleep at night, seeking dental help immediately should be your first step. The expert dentists at SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach can help determine whether your tooth needs to be removed or if a patient has other options after a thorough examination. While tooth extraction may be the only solution for certain dental issues, let the dental professionals at SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach help determine if that is the next step for you.


When a dental procedure can’t save a tooth

Even though most dentists would consider tooth extraction as a last resort for most patients, in some cases it is necessary. When a tooth is no longer able to be fixed due to extensive damage or decay, then in some instances the tooth simply can’t be saved. If there is not enough of the tooth to support a dental crown as a remedy, it most likely needs to be extracted. If a tooth is severely cracked and can’t be restored with a root canal, there is no need to keep the tooth. The natural tooth has to be healthy enough to constitute dental procedures like crowns, bridges, or veneers in order to be able to fix it and ultimately keep it. If the dental issues are too severe and the tooth is just not healthy enough in its current state to be saved then extraction may be necessary.


A solution for periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is caused by a buildup of bacteria in dental plaque that forms on teeth which infects the gum area. If periodontal disease has gotten to the point where it has caused loosening of the teeth, extraction may be necessary. Regular brushing and flossing along with scheduled visits to your dentist can help prevent this occurrence. If a patient catches the disease at the early stage of gingivitis, then their teeth and gums have a fighting chance. Even though a dentist’s main goal is to restore a patient’s oral health by keeping their natural teeth, in some situations when it has advanced to periodontal disease, tooth extraction is the only answer.


Wisdom teeth are rarely kept

When the gums are not able to fully open up to allow a patient’s wisdom teeth to erupt or break through, then those teeth become what is called impacted. In some instances, if wisdom teeth are able to push through, they can cause a patient’s other teeth to move and be overcrowded. This can lead to other dental problems like cavities or tooth decay in the future. These are both common occurrences with wisdom teeth and they usually need to be extracted by a dental professional, such as the dentists at SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach.


Other reasons for extraction

Patients in the North Miami Beach area who are dealing with an aching, sore tooth may also have other dental issues where an extraction is the best solution. If teeth are crowded, removing a tooth can allow further orthodontic work to be done in order to align remaining teeth. Or, if a tooth is badly damaged or decayed it can cause a serious infection to develop. The center of a tooth contains blood vessels and nerves which can allow an infection to travel. If the infected tooth can’t be cleared up with antibiotics, then an extraction may be necessary to save the surrounding teeth and stop the infection before it spreads any further.


Financial reason

Continual maintenance of a tooth that is badly damaged can get expensive with frequent dental visits and dental procedures to address it. Patients may have to opt to have the tooth extracted for financial reasons in order to cut down on expenses. Working with dental professionals like the skilled team at SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach can assure you have made the right decision for the health of your mouth and your wallet. Be sure to speak with a member of our staff to discuss pricing for extractions versus other forms of dental restoration as well as payment plans that are available.


The main goal with any professional dentist is to preserve a patient’s natural teeth and their overall oral health. The experts at SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach will look at all viable options to save your tooth if you are having a problem. Their first priority will be to save your tooth rather than extract it. But in some cases, tooth extraction is the right solution. If you are concerned about a tooth or experiencing pain or discomfort, we recommend you call and schedule a consultation with one of our dental experts at SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach today.

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