The Charcoal Train

Charcoal – it's everywhere.

Beauty gurus started putting it on their face in gummy homemade face masks and now it's catching on as a tooth-whitening treatment.

Just because charcoal is promoted as the latest and greatest thing for your smile doesn't mean it's actually worth a try, however.

What Is "Activated" Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is made of carbon (burned stuff) particles with high porosity. That means these particles have a large surface area in terms of what they can absorb. Activated charcoal is used in things like water purification and air filters.

So what does it do for your teeth?

Some claim that charcoal (specifically, the activated kind) can absorb stain from the surface of teeth. There are complete kits available with the powdered charcoal. Alternatively, it's available in capsules or jars at health food stores. Advocates say that brushing with a charcoal-and-water paste twice a day will help lighten tooth color.

How Charcoal Affects Teeth

It's hard to find hard-and-fast proof that the charcoal method actually works. Some beauty bloggers felt that it was actually more mess and hassle than it was worth. That dusty powder is very "active" about making a mess of your bathroom! Activated charcoal may help lift some surface plaque that discolors teeth. But it can't penetrate enamel pores where most tooth stain hides out. Scrubbing with charcoal might help buff away some surface stains, but even that could prove too abrasive to enamel.

Whiten Your Teeth The Right Way

To reliably and safely bleach your teeth, you need to use reliable and safe methods. For a whiter smile, your local SEDA Dental dentist has the tips you need. Call today to schedule a teeth whitening consultation. It will be far less messy than charcoal and certain to get you great results!

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