Seven Reasons To See Your Dental Hygienist

Your teeth and gums are not only a vital part of your overall health, they also have huge impact on your confidence. Visiting your dental hygienist regularly can offer many benefits that will put you on the road to happy, healthy, smile.

Here are seven important reasons why you should visit your hygienist regularly

1. To Get Rid of Gum Disease
Bleeding gums, painful gums, bad breath, and loose teeth are all caused by gum disease. You can treat, stop and even reverse gum disease if it is caught in it’s early stages. Your dental Hygienist will not only help treat and prevent gum disease, but will show you how to practice a better oral hygiene regime at home.

2. Your Overall Health
Gum disease is associated with other health problems such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Regular visits to your Hygienist will lower your risk of any potential problems.

3. Keep Your Teeth For A Lifetime
While there have been many advances in dental technology, dentures, and dental implants, it is still best to keep your own original teeth. Over time people who wear dentures have difficulty eating certain types of foods and dental implants can be cost prohibitive for many. Prevention is much more affordable than repair.

4. Oral Cancer Prevention
An oral cancer screening should be completed yearly, especially if you’re a tobacco user. Oral cancer caught in it's early stages is more likely to be treatable. Your SEDA Dental hygienist will complete an oral cancer screening during each visit.

5. To Prevent Bad Breath
We all know someone with terrible breath. A thorough dental cleaning by your dental hygienist can help with bad breath. If you are someone that has a problem with halitosis, not having your teeth cleaned regularly will definitely make it worse.

6. Why A Deep Cleaning?
You can’t prevent plaque buildup by just brushing and flossing at home, Your teeth may feel and appear fine, but you need to see a professional for proper plaque removal. Your dental hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning, including plaque removal, fluoride application, and polishing. Now your on the road to a happy, healthy smile!

7. Improve Your Self Esteem and Confidence
If your mouth feels clean and fresh, it makes you feel great. If you feel your teeth are whiter or less stained, it improves your confidence. Knowing we have fresher breath makes us more comfortable around people when we are socializing, talking and yes…kissing!

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