Ouch! I Broke My Tooth…How Do I Fix It?

The dental professionals at SEDA Dental of Jupiter, FL are able to assist their patients with any dental problem, including a chipped or broken tooth. There are many ways that individuals can have a cracked or chipped tooth. A slip or fall, a sports injury, or just simply chewing or biting down on something sticky or hard. These types of events can result in a tooth becoming fractured, chipped, or severely damaged. Seeking dental help is always advised within 24 hours even if there is no pain associated with the injury. In some cases, the pain may be delayed and can strike in the middle of the night, so getting the damaged tooth looked at sooner rather than later is always key.


You have cracked a tooth!

A broken or cracked tooth is never pleasant. Depending on the severity, there are different dental options that can repair it. In some cases, it can be done in just one office visit. The dental professionals at SEDA Dental of Jupiter have access to the latest dental technology, and with their combined extensive dental education and training, can offer their patients the best possible solutions to fix their tooth problem.


An aesthetic issue but can be much more

Individuals in the Jupiter, FL area that have a broken or cracked tooth may also have an aesthetic issue especially if it is a front tooth. A broken tooth that is not fixed can also negatively impact surrounding teeth and cause more dental problems. Cracked or damaged teeth can be sensitive to cold or hot temperatures, which can cause extreme pain and discomfort. In severe cases, broken or chipped teeth can become infected or even be deep enough to damage the tooth’s root system. Patients who don’t fix damaged or broken teeth can incur more dental problems like cavities, needing a root canal, increased symptoms of pain, and possibly lose the entire tooth.


What are my options?

Consulting with a dental expert, like the ones at SEDA Dental of Jupiter, is the first step. A thorough examination of the damaged tooth will be done in order to determine the best possible solution to fixing it. Some of the popular dental procedures for fixing a broken tooth are:


Dental veneers

Patients in the Jupiter, FL area dealing with a chipped or broken tooth can look at the option of a porcelain or composite resin dental veneer. A veneer is a thin, wafer-like layer that covers the front and sides of the tooth to replace any broken portion. The dentist will prepare the damaged tooth in order to prep the tooth’s surface for the veneer placement. A dental impression is then taken to allow for a customized veneer to be made for that tooth. A temporary veneer will give a patient relief for about a week or two until their custom veneer is ready. It is then bonded to the damaged tooth and contoured to perfectly match a patient’s other teeth in not only color but shape.


Dental bonding

This is a popular dental fix if a patient needs immediate cosmetic help with a front tooth. Dental bonding is a procedure that can help patients who have lost a small portion of their tooth or it is chipped. This simple treatment uses tooth-colored composite resin and requires no local anesthetic. The chipped portion is filled in with the bonding material and then shaped and contoured by the dental professionals at SEDA Dental of Jupiter to look like a natural tooth. It is then hardened by a special light to give patients a permanent solution in one office visit.


Dental crowns

If patients in the Jupiter, FL area are dealing with the loss of a large portion of their tooth, then a dental crown may be necessary. Crowns come in different types of material from composite resin, metal, or ceramic and function just like natural teeth. The dental professionals at SEDA Dental of Jupiter will help determine if a dental crown is needed and if so what kind would give the best results. Metal crowns are the strongest but not as natural looking as ceramic or resin. A crown is essentially a cap that custom made to cover the structure of the damaged tooth. After the tooth is prepped, a temporary crown is made to protect the damaged tooth and keep other teeth from shifting. In about 2-3 weeks, a patient can return to have their permanent crown cemented into place.


Other tips while waiting to see your dentist

Regardless of the degree of severity with your broken or chipped tooth, seeking a dentist’s professional help should occur within 24 hours. If your broken or chipped tooth is bleeding, apply pressure with gauze to stop it. Periodically rinse out your mouth with warm water or warm saltwater. You can also apply cold compresses to your cheek area or near the site of the broken tooth in order to soothe any pain or swelling. Even if your chipped or broken tooth doesn’t involve pain you should seek dental help 24-48 hours post injury in order to preserve your natural tooth and have the best possible outcome.


If you are dealing with a chipped or broken tooth, you should seek dental help as soon as possible. If you don’t, it could lead to more dental problems. The professional dentists at SEDA Dental of Jupiter, FL will determine the right course of action in order to restore your tooth. If you are concerned you have a chipped or broken tooth, then we encourage you to schedule an appointment today with one of the experienced dentists at SEDA Dental of Jupiter so you can get the immediate help that you need.

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