Oral Health: Could An Infected Tooth Kill You?

You might not think that visiting the dentist is a matter of life or death, but it could be. It might surprise you, but your dental health can have a definite impact on your overall well being. In fact, poor oral health can be a risk factor for many health conditions, including…

… and more. That’s why good oral health and regular checkups with your dentist are a vital part of maintaining a healthy body. Your dentist can help preserve your healthy smile and watch for signs that point to underlying conditions that need to be addressed.

It’s Just A Toothache Pain is your body’s way of warning you that there’s a problem - and it should never be ignored! Recently, a healthy, young father from California suffered from a seemingly innocent toothache. Within days, it tragically cost him his life. What started as a tooth infection quickly spread to his lungs and bloodstream. It’s tempting to ignore a little toothache, hoping that it will resolve on its own, but dental emergencies seldom improve and often worsen if they’re not treated promptly. A little cavity can grow into an abscessed tooth, or worse. It also means that your treatment could become more extensive - and expensive, over time. In this man’s case, delayed dental care cost him his life and that’s too high a price to pay.

Your SEDA Dentist Can Help! If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, our Florida dentists offer urgent appointments so you can be seen, and treated, quickly! Worried about affording emergency dental care or uninsured? We can help with that, too! Budget-friendly financing is available so you don’t have to put off the smile-saving treatment that you need. Enjoy an optimal smile, oral health and better overall health by calling your dentist and scheduling an appointment right away.

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