On the Search for a New Dentist in North Miami Beach?

If you are on the search for a new dentist, there are many things to consider. Your search should include someone who can do more than clean your teeth a couple of times a year. Your new dentist will be an important player in your overall health team. Choosing the right dentist with your best interest at heart is essential for a long-lasting relationship. With so many different dentists to choose from in North Miami Beach, knowing what to look for may be difficult. One of the most important signs of a reputable dentist is their ability to focus on patient goals versus their own. In other words, the patient should always be a top priority.


The team at SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach, FL always puts their patients first. Our practice features the highest level of dental care in a state-of-the-art facility. Patients enjoy a broad array of services, ranging from teeth whitening to the more complex root canal. Our office works diligently with each patient to help put their concerns at ease. Below are some helpful tips to help assist you in finding a qualified and reputable dentist who can assist with all your dental needs for years to come.


Initial search

In North Miami Beach, FL, your initial search for a new dentist may seem daunting. Your best resource comes from real and authentic dental reviews. Ask your network of friends, family, and co-workers who they use and what they like or do not like about their current dentist. The internet may also provide some insight, especially when considering location proximity. Online reviews and dentists’ websites can also be beneficial. After you have narrowed your search, meet with potential candidates in person to find a personality match that makes you feel comfortable.


Someone who listens and gets to know you

After you select a dentist, it’s time to book a consultation. When choosing a new dentist, one thing to consider is their listening skills. In dentistry, listening is almost as equally crucial as technique. You want your new dentist to take ample time with you, listen to your concerns, and not make you feel rushed. Your new dentist should take a vested interest in your medical and dental history. Asking essential questions ensures adequate care that is best suited for you.


Explains in simple terms

To become a dentist, you must go to dental school and be well-versed in modern dentistry techniques and practices. As a patient, you rely on your dentist to explain things in everyday language, so you understand the procedures, any complications, and how to take care of your teeth for a dazzling smile. Your new dentist should happily take the time to explain the suggested course of treatment thoroughly, ensuring your complete confidence in both them and the suggested technique.


A well-run and tidy office

While searching for a new dentist in North Miami Beach, consider visiting the office for a tour. Make careful note of how full the waiting room seems. As a patient, you do your best to be punctual for your appointments, and it is fair to make the same request of your dentist. No one wants to wait significantly past their appointment time if they do not have to. Take a look around and talk to the staff. They should be welcoming, polite, and invite you to see the examination rooms. Look for a clean and orderly office, sterilized instruments, and take notice if are gloves worn at all times during treatments.


Professional qualifications

When it comes to caring for your teeth, you will want to inquire about the dentist’s education and experience. The number of times a dentist has performed a treatment matters. While license requirements vary by state, to become a dentist, most states require a degree in dentistry with state board exams. A dentist’s website as well as their office should host visible certifications and credentials. During your consultation, don’t be afraid to ask the dentist in person about any additional continued education he/she has or their experience with particular procedures.


Wants a long-term relationship

Dental health follows a protocol of ensuring patients be seen on a fairly regular basis. Regular visits help to highlight any potential problems from getting out of control. During your consultation, ask questions about follow-up care and automated appointment scheduling reminders including x-rays. You should always feel like you have a partner when it comes to your dental health.


Emergency hours

Because emergencies are never convenient and can happen after the dentist office closes, it is essential to inquire about emergency care after hours. Unfortunately, tooth pain sometimes comes out of the blue. You may not be able to wait with a throbbing tooth until regular hours resume or after the weekend. Find out if there is an emergency phone line or if they have a location you can visit in case of an emergency that can’t wait until normal operating hours.


Convenient location

Find a dentist that is local to you. Dental hygiene should not be delayed as it can result in a less than attractive smile, bad breath, and ultimately, an infection. Some procedures, like a root canal, require follow-up appointments, so you want to make sure your dentist is convenient.


SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach, FL is committed to your oral health. Our patients can expect the highest level of expertise in a variety of dental techniques. Featuring a team of dental experts, SEDA Dental collaborates with their patients to understand their specific goals in a caring and comfortable environment. If you are looking for a new dentist, we encourage you to call or schedule a consultation with SEDA Dental of North Miami Beach today.

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