Is Tooth Extraction Always The Best Course of Action?

The idea of having a tooth pulled – known as dental extraction – may send you running for the hills. More likely, though, it will have you asking, “Is this really the best option for me?” At SEDA Dental of Pinecrest, our highly-skilled dentists are here to evaluate your case and educate you on all of your available options.


Above all else, preserving a natural tooth for as long as possible is always the goal. Through antibiotic therapy, oral care, restoration, and other methods, a natural tooth is often able to be successfully treated and saved. However, there are cases when tooth extraction may become necessary. When a patient’s overall oral health is compromised or begins to resist alternative therapies, it may be time to consider pulling the tooth. The dental team at SEDA Dental of Pinecrest in Pinecrest, FL, is committed to offering all appropriate treatments for the natural tooth before resorting to extraction.


Reasons for tooth extraction

Some of the most common diagnoses leading to tooth extraction include:


Damage or Injury

Although teeth are designed by nature to last a lifetime, there are many instances in which a tooth becomes damaged or injured severely enough that extraction is required. Sports-related accidents and incidents involving difficult foods are two of the most common scenarios which lead to the pulling of a tooth. Even something as common as nighttime clenching and grinding, a condition called bruxism, can lead to damage and cracking of the tooth that is irreparable by other restorative methods, ultimately requiring full extraction and restoration.


Decay or Infection

When a tooth becomes diseased or infected, it will begin to decay. Not only does this compromise the affected tooth, but it can also lead to problems in the patient’s surrounding teeth and gum tissue. Oftentimes, antibiotic therapy or endodontic treatment is sufficient to save the tooth, but in cases of severe infection and decay, dental extraction may be the best option to relieve the patient’s pain and preserve the remaining natural structures. Our expert dentists at SEDA Dental of Pinecrest are committed to offering every available option to treat decay and infection before recommending extraction.


Loose Teeth

Periodontal (gum) disease is one of the most prevalent diagnoses in modern dentistry. With the progression of gum disease, oral tissue begins to deteriorate, compromising otherwise healthy teeth. Teeth that are structurally sound may begin to loosen due to disease in the surrounding gums. While our acclaimed practitioners at SEDA Dental of Pinecrest have multiple treatments at their disposal aimed at saving the tooth in this situation, there are times when extraction may be unavoidable. If it is recommended that your tooth be pulled, our caring team at SEDA Dental of Pinecrest is here to provide consultation, treatment, and care throughout the entire process.



Arguably one of the most common reasons for having to pull a tooth, particularly in younger patients, is crowding. Whether due to a small arch, impacted wisdom teeth, or other structural abnormalities, crowding of the teeth can result in significant physical discomfort and cosmetic dissatisfaction. Corrective orthodontic care offers a wide variety of effective options including spacers, expanders, braces, and more, but there is a limit to how much additional space can be achieved, even with the most advanced techniques. For a large number of patients in Pinecrest, FL, extraction of one or more teeth may be recommended as the best option for achieving your ideal smile and alleviating the discomfort often associated with crowding.


Moving forward with a tooth extraction

If you have been told that you may need a tooth pulled, or if you suspect as much, the first step is to schedule an appointment with our dental professionals at SEDA Dental of Pinecrest. We are committed to providing the highest level of care with an emphasis on treating and preserving your natural teeth if at all possible. Dental extraction is not always the best initial course of action, but it can be appropriate for some patients. The only way to find out with certainty whether having your tooth pulled is the right choice for you is to have a full evaluation with one of our expert practitioners.


Restoration options after an extraction

We understand fully that facing the loss of a tooth is a daunting prospect and leads to questions about what happens next. SEDA Dental of Pinecrest offers not only ongoing care, but we also take great pride in providing a vast array of restorative options following extraction. Your practitioner will discuss with you all of the available restorations including implants, crowns, bridges, and more.


Employing the most current technology and drawing upon their wealth of knowledge and experience, the dental professionals at SEDA Dental of Pinecrest provide an unmatched level of care for patients facing potential dental extraction. Call our office to schedule your consultation today, and set your worries aside.

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