If You Didn’t Smile?

In a recent publication at USA Today, dermatologists were asked what would happen to a person’s skin if they didn't smile. The train of thought was that if you’re not scrunching your skin together, you could potential avoid the risk of things like “smile lines” and “crow’s feet.”

What did they have to say? Dermatologist, Dr. Robert Anolik says that while the non-smilers would probably have younger looking skin, they would quite possibly look “joyless.” That’s not all. Evidently if you frown, that can cause more wrinkles than smiling does.

At SEDA Dental, we know all too well what a smile does for our patients’ appearance. When you have beautiful, healthy teeth…you can’t wait to show them off. In fact, people with great smiles tend to smile even more frequently and have a heightened level of self-confidence. A few fine lines are just a part of life. Your smile is totally worth it. But let’s pop back over to the subject of frowning again for a moment…the habit that causes more wrinkles than smiling.

Frowning and expressionless faces may be more common among people who don’t like the way their teeth look. They also appear unhappy, and may not have as many friends because of it. If this sounds like you, you owe it to yourself to take steps to boost your smile’s appearance. Imagine how it could change your life! From the dating scene to the friends you make at work, having a great smile that you show off non-stop is worth the few little lines here and there. Call SEDA Dental today to find out how we can help!

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