Has the Selfie Ruined the Smile?

Almost everyone today knows what a selfie is. But ten years ago, who would've known what a selfie stick even was? There is a ton of advice out there on the Internet for nailing selfies that convey different messages:

Go ahead and Google these if they sound Greek to you. Celebrities set trends which their millions of young followers are quick to emulate. Lots of young people, girls in particular, feel that sharing carefully constructed poses of their faces on social media is pivotal to establishing their character. But some would argue that selfies are essentially training us to not smile.

Historian Colin Jones points out that technology has had a real impact on the culture of the smile. Professor Jones feels that "there is something going on contemporaneously that is going to affect how the smile is valued and what it means." There’s a good chance that staying caught up in the pressure to look sophisticated and serious could eventually change the way we view smiles altogether. Does this mean selfies are bad for your smile? Not necessarily. Selfies can actually have a really good effect on your mood, according to one study at the University of California, Irvine.

In this study, participants reported feeling much better after taking a (smiling!) selfie than they did after taking pictures of other things they liked. This experiment reinforces the idea that even faking a smile can lift your mood and give you a confidence boost for the day. Hey, selfies can actually be good for you! However, you choose to use your camera and whichever poses you choose to rock, don't forget that SEDA Dental is here to keep your smile in great shape. Plan a visit to get a comprehensive dental checkup.

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