Choosing All on Four Implants

Pompano Beach All-on-4 implants are great for our patients who need to replace all of their missing teeth at one time. The unique design of an All on Four (aka “Teeth in a Day”) restoration makes it more comfortable and less bulky than a conventional denture.

All-on-4 Treatment: What to Expect

If you’re getting same day dental implants such as an All on Four appliance, our dentist will install the implants and then attach a prosthesis onto them at the same appointment. You’ll never have to go around with missing teeth.

Since your mouth can change a bit after extracting problematic teeth, we’ll wait a few months before taking an impression for your permanent restoration. Implants need a few months to integrate with your mouth in the meantime. Osseointegration involves new bone growth that fuses each implant. Once this happens, your temporary same day teeth restoration is changed out with a permanent appliance.

What do All on Four Teeth Look Like?

Our Pompano Beach implant dentist can show you actual implant prosthetics when you visit for your consultation. Essentially, each implant is a tooth-sized artificial root with a ribbed texture, which allows bone to adhere and fuse with (integrate into) the implant’s surface.

The actual implant is made out of titanium, which is the same hypoallergenic, biocompatible metal used for surgical joint replacement. It’s safe for our patients and stronger than natural teeth.

Today, some types of dental implants are being developed from tooth-colored ceramics. However, most dental implants in Pompano Beach are titanium.

On top of your implants, we’ll attach the fixed All on Four hybrid denture, multi-tooth dental bridge, or ceramic crown. The permanent restoration is designed to be both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Although implants aren’t considered to be a cosmetic dentistry procedure, there’s something to be said for how they help your smile look. Each one is carefully designed to look and feel like the confident, beautiful smile you deserve.

Price of Implants for Missing Teeth

Are implant costs related to the number of teeth you need to replace? Yes and no. For multiple missing teeth or full-arch restoration (with an All-on-4 appliance) you won’t need an individual implant in each location where there’s a missing tooth. Instead, we use pairs or sets of implants to anchor the multi-tooth restoration on top of it. But for a single missing tooth, you would need an individual implant and crown. When you do the math, an All on Four denture/hybrid bridge costs less per tooth.

When you visit SEDA Dental, our treatment plan team will work with your insurance carrier to determine which benefits and allowances are included in your coverage. From there, we compare that coverage to our implant expert’s recommended treatment plan. Any balance can be financed on your own, or you can enjoy low monthly payments with one of our 3rd party financing plans.

The great thing about implants is that since they’re expected to last decades — if not your entire life — they wind up being more affordable and cost-effective when compared to other popular treatments. Today’s implants have a 98% success rate, making them more predictable than any modern dental procedure.

All on Four vs. Dentures

Compared to a traditional denture, the benefits of All-on-4 implants for tooth replacement include perks like:

After your implants are restored, only another specialist or implant dentist will be able to remove the bridge or hybrid denture on top of them. The idea is to have a permanent new smile that you don’t have to worry about when you’re talking or laughing around your friends.

Not a Candidate for Implants?

All on Four dental implants are a great option for people with extensive tooth and bone loss. Plus, SEDA Dental’s Pompano Beach implant specialist and practitioner team means you have access to expert-level care that you usually only see in a specialty clinic.

When you see the best implant dentist in Pompano Beach, you can rest assured that you’ll get the highest level of care possible. We can pinpoint the best locations in your mouth to install the implants, taking advantage of your natural bone density to secure the full-arch restoration.

Don’t take no for an answer. For a second opinion or to speak with a Pompano Beach implant specialist, get the solutions you need right here at SEDA Dental!

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