Can Your Dentist Tell?

Can Your Dentist Tell if You’re Right or Left Handed?

Does your dominant hand have anything to do with the way your smile looks, or your overall dental health? Absolutely! Did you know that if you’re right or left handed, that you tend to scrub that side of your smile harder with your toothbrush? This can lead to a) the other side having heavier amounts of buildup b) gum recession on your dominant side, or c) abrasion and wearing away of the tooth enamel on your dominant side — including notches in your teeth!

Fossil Research Indicates a Preference

Recently scientists found the “first known evidence of right-handedness” in early fossils. The particular Homo habalis under consideration showed that there was a dominant hand preference even thousands of years ago. Although it’s only one specific specimen, it doesn’t tell us a blanket statement about the entire population at that time, but it does reflect that our brains were wired in the same way that they are now.

Help With Scrubbing Too Hard

If you tend to have problems scrubbing your teeth too hard, one of the best things to do is to brush your non-dominant side first. From there, work your way around to your dominant side and make a conscious effort to not apply too much force. Some people find that it’s useful to only use a few fingers to hold their toothbrush on their dominant side, or to completely switch to an electric toothbrush to better control their brushing pressure. At SEDA Dental, we’ll let you know if we start to see signs of overzealous tooth brushing in certain parts of your mouth. In some cases, we may recommend restorations or fluoride to manage sensitivity on exposed root surface. It really depends on your specific needs and degree of pressure with your toothbrush! Call today to set up your next checkup and find out more. [/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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