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Can Squid Teeth Save Your Clothes?

Can Squid Teeth Save Your Clothes? It sounds weird, but researchers have found that there are self-healing capabilities inside of squid teeth that, surprising enough, may help save your clothes. Yes, it sounds weird. It looks even weirder. For as long as kids have been ripping their jeans, moms have been looking for a way to prevent tears and get more use out of clothes. Now, you might be able to fix that hole without reaching for the needle and thread.

And it’s all thanks to teeth! Researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that if they coated fabric (such as wool or silk) with an extremely thin layer of derivatives found in squid teeth, when torn, it could essentially “heal” itself and seal the tear back without having to be sewn. It’s all thanks to a protein that causes rubbers to solidify. All it takes is adding a little bit of water and bringing the two torn surfaces together. Yes, it sounds crazy. When you look at a picture of the squid teeth, it seems even further out there. Called “squid ring teeth” or SRT, the tiny suction cups on certain squid contain small rings of ultra-small, razor-sharp teeth. This design makes it easier for a squid to grab onto prey. Instead of having a hard, boney structure like human teeth, the squid teeth are entirely made up of proteins. While the concept is still a bit far off, the discovery may make it easier to get extended use out of you or your child’s clothing.

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