Beast Needs To See A Dentist!

In the movies, just as in real life, all kinds of characters can have really bad teeth. Some of them are just plain evil, like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy; others just look mean, like Sloth from Goonies. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is opening in theaters soon, and if you’ve watched any of the previews, you know that the Beast’s “smile” is pretty grim!

Part Genetics, Part Oral Hygieine Beast’s teeth are in fact, Beastly. Some of this is because he is a chimera- a mixture of animals- and his teeth are a cross between a lion and a boar. That’s too many teeth, and they are crowded in a mouth that is much too small. But mainly, we suspect it’s because of feral living. Chewing, gnawing, and not cleaning teeth- you know, the way beasts do- causes stained, decayed dentition.

“Swish and Flick!” It takes a magic spell for Beast to get his looks and smile back. (And it appears that he is at the very least better looking than his 1991 animated counterpart!) In real life, no magic wand can erase years of neglect and abuse from your mouth. But a good dentist can help you transform your beastly grimace into a beautiful smile. To begin with, Beast needs a good, thorough dental cleaning, possibly a root scaling to remove bacteria and decay from gum disease. He also needs a good set of braces to straighten his teeth and correct his underbite. Once his orthodontic treatment is finished, he needs whitening so his smile will shine. If you have a grim, grungy grin, make an appointment with one of our South Florida dentists. We can consult with you and determine a plan for treatment so you can be a Beauty and not the Beast!

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